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As a football enthusiast, you’re always on the lookout for the latest football simulation game to experience the thrill of the world’s most popular sport. Now you can enjoy all the action and drama of professional football on your mobile device with eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO, the latest installment of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise. eFootball PES brings you closer to the pitch and players you love with stunning graphics, realistic gameplay, and official licenses. Feel the power of the new shooting mechanics, experience dynamic dribbling skills, and orchestrate tactical team plays. Whether you prefer to play as your favorite club or compete online, eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO delivers an authentic football experience you can enjoy anytime, anywhere. Download now and let the games begin!

Introduction to eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP

eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP is a modified version of the popular soccer simulation game eFootball PES 2021 designed to run on PPSSPP, an open source emulator for the Sony PSP. This version of the game has been patched and modded to include various improvements and updates.

Some of the key features of eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP include:

  • Updated player rosters – The latest player transfers and rosters from the 2021/22 season have been added to the game. This includes new players for teams as well as updated stats and ratings for existing players based on their performance.
  • Improved graphics – The graphics have been enhanced for higher resolution displays. This includes higher definition player models, pitches, stadiums, and menus. The overall visual experience is much improved compared to the original PSP version of the game.
  • Additional leagues – New leagues such as Saudi Pro league, Chinese Super League and Thai League have been added. More club teams from around the world are now playable.
  • Latest kits – The latest home, away and third kits for major club teams have been added to the game to keep the look and feel up to date.
  • Gameplay tweaks – Various gameplay adjustments have been made to improve the overall playing experience. This includes improved player AI, ball physics, and camera angles. The game aims to provide an authentic soccer simulation experience.
  • Additional options – Extra options have been added such as the ability to manually customize tactics and lineups for each team. More stadiums and balls have also been added to choose from.
  • Compatibility – eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP has been designed to work flawlessly with the PPSSPP emulator on both Android and Windows PC. No additional configuration or settings are required to get up and running.
In summary, eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP provides an updated version of the classic PSP soccer game with various improvements to rosters, graphics, gameplay and more – all tailored for the PPSSPP emulator. Soccer fans looking for an authentic mobile soccer experience should find a lot to enjoy in this modded version of the game.

Game Details

Size: 1.4 GB
Version: Android 4.5
Emulator: PSP Normal Or GOLD
Rating: 9.8/10

Features of eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP

To fully experience eFootball PES 24, you’ll want to understand the features that set it apart.
eFootball PES 24 offers an unparalleled level of control and flexibility on the pitch. Players can execute precise dribbles, passes, and shots using intuitive controls. Teams intelligently defend space and react dynamically based on how you play. With stunning animation and graphics, it’s the closest you’ll get to real soccer from your couch.


Build your own dream team in MyClub by acquiring players through random packs or the transfer market. Level up your players and team to increase stats and unlock new formations. Participate in matches, tours, and events to earn rewards and GP, the in-game currency used to get new players. Form strategic teams with players from your favorite clubs or countries. The possibilities are endless in this team-building mode.

Local Multiplayer

Nothing is more fun than competing against friends. In eFootball PES 24, you can play one-off exhibition matches, cups, and leagues locally with friends or take your skills online to compete against players worldwide. Matchmaking options allow you to play opponents with a similar skill level.

Additional Modes and Updates

Master League lets you take control of a team as the manager, handling sponsorships, transfers, lineups, and more. Become a Legend follows your player through their career. New modes and updates will be released regularly to provide fresh challenges and keep the gameplay exciting.
With hyper-realistic gameplay, deep team-building, and a variety of multiplayer options, eFootball PES 24 offers an authentic soccer experience unlike any other. Discover what the power of football can do.

Best Teams and Players in eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP

The eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP game features many of the world’s top football teams and star players. Some of the best teams to choose in the game include:
FC Barcelona
This Spanish powerhouse is one of the most successful clubs in football history. Led by Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the greatest footballer of all time, Barcelona has won over 70 major trophies. Their attacking style of play and skilled players make them an exciting team to control in PES 24.
Manchester United
Manchester United is one of the most popular football clubs on the planet with over 600 million supporters worldwide. Though they have struggled in recent years, United still fields many talented players like Paul Pogba, Marcus Rashford and Bruno Fernandes. They remain a formidable opponent in PES 24.

Some of the highest rated players in PES 24 that you’ll want on your team include:

•Lionel Messi (Inter Miami): Widely considered one of the greatest players of all time, Messi has won a record six Ballon d’Or awards for being the world’s best player. In PES 24, he is nearly unstoppable with amazing dribbling, ball control and scoring ability.
•Cristiano Ronaldo (Al- Nasr): A five-time Ballon d’Or winner, Ronaldo is one of the greatest goalscorers in football history. Despite being in his mid-30s, he remains an elite player in PES 24 with exceptional pace, power, and aerial ability.
•Neymar (Al- Hilal): The Brazilian superstar is known for his amazing dribbling skills, ball control and flair. He is considered by many to be the third-best player in the world behind Messi and Ronaldo. In PES 24, Neymar can beat defenders with his silky skills and create scoring chances for himself and teammates.
•Kevin De Bruyne (Manchester City): Widely regarded as the best midfielder in the world, De Bruyne orchestrates the Manchester City attack with his superb passing, crossing and shooting ability. He racked up 20 assists in the 2020-2021 Premier League season, breaking the league record. De Bruyne makes any team better in PES 24 with his playmaking skills.

FAQs About eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP

Once you have downloaded and installed eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO on your device, you may have some questions about how to get started. Here are some of the frequently asked questions and answers to help you navigate the game:
What teams and leagues are included?
eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO includes many of the world’s most popular clubs, leagues, stadiums, and players. Some of the major leagues represented include the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, and Ligue 1. Major clubs like Barcelona, Manchester United, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, and Bayern Munich are all featured with their official kits, crests and players. The game is updated regularly to include the latest player transfers and kits.
How do I build my dream team?
One of the most exciting parts of eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO is creating your own custom team. You can scout and sign players from around the world to build a team of superstars. Focus on players that fit your team’s playing style and formation. You’ll need to manage your team’s budget, negotiate contracts, and keep your players happy to create a winning squad.
What game modes are available?
There are many game modes to enjoy in eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO:
Exhibition Match: Play an friendly match with any two teams. Great for practice.
myClub: Build your own team by scouting and signing players. Compete in matches and tournaments to earn rewards and build the ultimate squad.
Become a Legend: Create your own player and take control of their career. Start in a lower league and work your way to the top.
Master League: Take control of a team as manager. Scout players, negotiate contracts, and lead your club to glory by winning titles and trophies.
Online Seasons: Compete in 10-game seasons against players from around the world. Get promoted through the divisions from 10th level to 1st.
And more: Other modes like UEFA Champions League, Liga MX, and AFC Champions League are also available.
How do I defend effectively?
To defend well in eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO, focus on anticipating your opponent’s attacks. Move defenders into passing lanes and pressure opponents to force mistakes. Use the sprint button judiciously since it can pull defenders out of position. Contain attacking players by jockeying and only committing to tackles at the right moment. Double-team dangerous players to limit their space and impact. With practice, you’ll get better at reading your opponent’s attacking style and shutting them down.


With the latest eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO now available, you’ll be able to experience the thrill of soccer and competition right on your Android device. Konami has outdone themselves again in creating an authentic and engaging sports simulation. There is something for players of all skill levels, whether you’re looking to build up your skills in training modes or dive right into heart-pounding matches. The stunning graphics and fluid gameplay are sure to impress even the most discerning sports fans. If you’ve been searching for an exciting new soccer title to enjoy on the go, look no further than eFootball PES 24 PPSSPP ISO. Download it today and prepare to be swept away by the beautiful game.

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